Find Your Wild Side

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Hello everyone!!


So… let’s get your power back.

But first things first…. 

Who am I to say this?

A wild woman.

But it wasn’t always this way and it took me some time to figure it all out.

I just want you to help you figure it all out way faster than I did. I am so confident that this works that I would give your money back if I can’t help you with my programme.


However…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… and like coal particles under an unberable amount of pressure… one becomes diamond hard.

Why am I actually doing this?

Above all because it works!!

It’s simple, I’m a photographer, and I want you looking your best in our photographs. So I decided to share my secret for becoming photogenic like I did. Because that’s what most people seemed to be shocked by at the time when I started.

I discovered I was actually very photogenic later on in life, starting at age 21 but nailing it from age 26 onwards with proper cameras. But up till that age of 21 I had hated my non-photogenic face with a passion.

However it turned out I didn’t have to change my face but my opinion of it, and if I managed, so can you change whatever you don’t like about yourself.

And becareful of what you wish because after doing this course you might just get it!!

So I wanted to help more people dare to conquer what they feel it’s in the way between what they want and what they currently have. And if being photogenic it’s one of those things that could add to their enjoyment of life, then I can definitely help get you the confidence you need to put yourself behind the camera.

But digging your wild side does way more than that, looking great in pictures it’s only a natural minor “bonus” of daring to be your authentic and unapologetic self.

Later on in life, analyzing the praise and compliments I was getting from friends and strangers alike, some due to my self-portraits, others due to what they perceived as “courageous” actions in day to day life or decisions they would have never dared to take themselves. I’ve noticed that most people didn’t dare do what I do. So therefore, they don’t get the results that I do get but they wished to get.

It took me a little time to remember exactly what did I do back in the day to start unleashing my true daring self (as it wasn’t an overnight process at all, I can guarantee you that), I analyzed what made me to change for the better, I analyzed what uncomfortable things I did that made me feel awesome straight away after doing them, above all, I analyzed what exactly helped me taking that decision, sometimes it was a friend’s non-chalant comment on how to solve what I thought could be a problem, sometimes it was a song, sometimes a thought I had read here or there in a book or magazine. So each week you will find what you’ve got to do and plenty of resources along with it to give you that push to feel motivated enough to dare to challenge your self imposed limits.

Most of those steps only take 20 seconds of courage to overcome… and once you do such, the rest is a fun rollercoaster of emotions you treat yourself to, there is nothing more beautiful and fun than exploring your own self. You soon remember all the joys of being alive. And the more you challenge yourself the more alive you will feel, and the more you do the more beautiful you look to others, it’s like you shine from within, and that has little to do with face features, but how your eyes tell a story and how your smile backs it up can have an irresistible charm for sure regardless of body type, skin type, etc. In fact, the chubbier I am the more success I have. I have gone skinny too. As in some of the photos below. But I’ve broken more hearts with my curves. And still with them on at the moment… I continue to reap success after success with the opposite sex as much as I want to. And my face… as you can see on the photos below seems to change depending on the angle… some more flattering, some not so much, but what the heck, my face, after all and if someone doesn’t like it they’re very welcome to look the other way.

The first night I actually went out after following one of those steps I mention in the course…. and rocking out that attitude it was a straight success.

As soon as I hit the club, the hottie I liked was there when I took my coat off and there he was telling me “jeez, you’re so hot… don’t take anything else or you’re going to give me a heart attack”.

I’m not going to deny it… it felt great. But I didn’t need any validation because rocking what I dared to rock that night… was already a super experience worth having which brings all the other ones along.

So.. how does it work?

You get seven actions to follow, one each Friday during seven weeks.

You get it straight into your e-mail box provided.

If I’m not on holidays it will be starting following Friday once payment has been confirmed. Each week you’ll get a basic step which is necessary to rule your life and create it to your fancy. 

You will also get the reasoning behind each basic change, why does it work, links that support such reasoning behind as to why the step works effectively, quotes, personal stories and songs to help you gain those 20 seconds of courage these actions take and the results it got me soon afterwards. Which, by the way, I have been verified by anyone who has tried them themselves how quickly the steps and advice works. So plenty of tips on how to look your best, be your best and conquer whatever you want.

The music I listened to in the past and the one I do currently listen to that helps me being my most authentic and genuine awesome self, which is basically the one that shines through me in person.

And here you can read an example.

Music can help you remember the past so you can deal with it more effectively, validate your feelings, embrace your own your story, make sense of it, realize it’s all up and in your head, and therefore in your hands to change the rest of it and raise even higher and brighter than ever before.

So please, let me help you find music that will uplift you and inspire you to do and feel better, stronger, more capable, good, happy, cheerful, and more likely to own the night when you get ready to go out.

If on the contrary you need music that may help you do some inner work and exploration and release of pent-up anger, what you need is to hire my program

or some that will help you release all the anger and resentment bottled up from years of feeling like a doormat or a people pleaser. It is a fact that metal heads are happier than the average person because they have released all that pent up anger whilst listening to their favourite aggressive tunes.


Because sometimes the only thing that it’s stopping us from doing better in life is all those things we did not do or did not say, all that pent-up anger and frustration we didn’t let out when feeling betrayed or let down by someone, all those putting up with crap not meant for you because you were afraid of raising your voice or making a stand. Or all those choices someone forced us to make or take because they thought it was the best thing for us or society imposed it that way when deep down we knew then they weren’t really meant for us. They were choices that perhaps were thought to be “for our own sake” but really it was for theirs, nobody knows what is best for us but ourselves, and sometimes some people are not fit to rule themselves either.

What we know is that when we allowed ourselves to be persuaded into another choice we felt like we betrayed ourselves. Yes, that might have been the “wise” or “safe” choice according to most, but sometimes that is what gets you “depressed” and “unmotivated” for years on end. When you’re not doing what you wanted to do or pictured yourself doing you have no motivation to wake up in the morning to go to work because you know that if you could choose you wouldn’t have chosen that job in particular to put an example. Is like there is something your gut instinct told you to do which you ignored. And you’re paying hard for ignoring it.

Although sometimes we can lie to ourselves and think we can control certain situations and make excuses for people or situations that are no longer good for us and sometimes we see us trapped on such situations and are unable to confront them or feel too vulnerable to speak about them. But with the right music that will be let out off your chest as well so you can unleash all those painful memories and find your true self in the process.


If you’ve been clicking on the links by now you might have noticed that quote above is actually true.

Some songs do really help build up your confidence, others help you stay positive with their uplifting beats, some help you think and consider setting up new standards while doing both, others just feel good with who you are now, even if you get called psycho, crazy or diva for enjoying a good self-esteem besides what some abusers tried to do to you.

Remember, as long as you feel comfortable with who you are you become fearless and unstoppable. And you have absolute no idea of how great it feels to listen to your gut, follow your heart whilst not forgeting to take your head along with it. I honestly believe the gut and the brain are connected.

It’s kind of magic and it shows on photos as well. Even in real life, people feel naturally drawn to you, engage with you in conversation, admiring you for the vibes you transmit as if you were completely magnetic. And I did that just listening to music that showed me some lessons I needed to learn.

Laurais Arts

With this program (which you get included on the price of a Find Your Wild Session or with a Before and After session) we will be able to explore why we do most of the things we do and how to change your decisions to suit your life goals better. Also as a result you’ll end up looking your best and radiating on your photoshoot with a new self-esteem boost that will last for as long as you keep doing those steps that got you there.

And if you live away and can’t have a photoshoot with me… or found your wild self already and just want music to keep rocking it….then just follow the link to keep you that way.


My aim with this program is to transform all people into leaders of their own lives rather than victims of someone else’s choice.

I want to make them active starring roles of how their movies, and directors of how their life is going to unfold from this moment onwards.

People will take action to be in control of their lives, not under control of someone else’s intentions. 

Someone who will recognize any form or shape of mild abuse and recognize it for what it is and someone who will not have the need to put up with it. Because you’ll end up so fearless you won’t see the need to put up with it. If you talk with them and they do not agree to find a solution or won’t admit they’re trying to demean you, disrespect you, make you second guess yourself or gaslight you (the denial of all those is gaslighting in itself) then you will have the power and courage to walk away from such situations.

IMG_4257 4S with signature-6

You’ll become your own hero/heroine. Because, nobody is going to save you unless you do so yourself.

I don’t want to convince anyone, just come if you’re ready to take your life to a fucking new level of awesomeness.