Get in the Mood Tunes

Ok…. so here is the plan… Listen to the songs Add the ones you like to a playlist you can create of your own on youtube for such a purpose. ;D Play such playlist before getting in the shower or whilst you get ready for your date to pick you up/to get home. Also: Listen […]

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A paradox…

Does this quote seem to describe you too? Most wild women and those lucky ones who get the chance to get them probably will relate and swear by all of it. And do you know the author of the quote? I’ve only had the watermark on the original photo already.  

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Stay that Wild

Spanish hereAre you already wild? Great. Now you only have to keep it up… with all sort of tunes to suit your mood or to change and achieve your new goals.Try it now for 12 months only for 15€Access all the time during that period with new tunes added every other dayOver 50+ on each categoryMusic […]

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Going Nowhere

  Single ladies, not sure how it’s going for you, but wild women have all those game players under control, in fact, it’s the wise guys who don’t play games the only ones that get anywhere with us and may be the only one that get to keep us. How do we ensure the guy […]

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That girl is pzycho…

We all know how quickly people want to label you crazy, psycho, mad or emotional for living life your way, and not theirs. This is ever so true in the case of nsecure men and insecure women who can’t deal yet with women who are free in mind, body and soul. A woman they can’t […]

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    I’m afraid some or most of the wild women I know are a little bossy… those who allow us to be a little bossy report to be the happiest and luckiest men alive. You don’t like us to rule in our life and bed, easy; go!! find someone else. Period. ;D If you […]

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Every Inch – Florrie

E V E R Y    I N C H  Oh yes, the wild queens could take anyone home but we are very selective and have such high standards that no regular man can step up to them these days. Lazy men call us “high maintenance women” and that’s ok, because we’d rather be alone […]

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Hi back!!

Hi dear stranger:   Hi back at you!!!  If you only just wanted to say “hi” or wave to me as a polite or thankful acknowledgement for adding you there, please let this be this your “Hi, thank you for resquesting friendship”. UNLESS….   … you got landed here without having even been added or I […]

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