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My work as an Image Coach

“Not long ago Laura Montero, or Laurais Arts, as she likes her work to be identified  with, has come back to our teaching course of “Lanzadera Andalucía Emprende Armilla IV to show us the images she took of our participants. That first photo is the beginning of each of our participants who have signed up in her program “Find Your Wild Side”.

That was a content talk I made applied to the needs that unemployed people have, how to look their best for their CV photos, how an image is worth more than thousand words when it comes to first impressions when these days most recruiters demand photos or find them on LinkedIn or other employment search sites”.

Currently I only do the content based on the original version, something that is applicable to all areas of life in general.

My work as an Online Coach

Martín it’s an example of how my online course works. Read translation below



Martin; well, your teaching has given new positive outcomes

Laura; which ones? what have you done now?

Martin; I told you nevermind how many times I have dated that friend with benefits, there was someone I was really interested in, well, I saw her yesterday, and I dared to be an honourable trainee from Laura 😛 and things went perfectly well.

Laura: Hey!! I’m so glad for you!!

Martin: And now we can definitely say that your advice to conquer women works with any age one can think of, the lady in question is of your age”

And to his question when I asked him permission to take a screenshot of the conversation, yes… here I am, showing it to my future wild creatures. ;D

And you reading this,

what are you waiting for to become a wild one too?

Here you can read all about it.

Click on the image below to start owning each result you get in your life. And overcome difficulties with ease until you get the results you want.

IMG_0831 english edit

Once payment received you will get a welcome and thank you e-mail to the e-mail used for online payment. If you wish to change your e-mail to receive the course online either specify it on the payment e-mail on paypal or reply to my welcome e-mail from the desired e-mail account.

If on the contrary you would like to nearby and would like a BEFORE and AFTER photo shoot please click on the image below to direct you to read all about what this kind of service includes and see how it worked with other customers previously.



Regarding my English lessons they also do work. But you English Speakers don’t need those. :D. However if you need a Spanish conversation teacher, hit me up. The style will be the same. ;D

English classes with Laurais

What my English student says:

“I’ve only been doing English with Laura for a very short period of time, but I can already say, not a single hint of a doubt, that I have oerfectly chosen my perfect English teacher to get back into speaking English (a subject I’ve always loved) and to prepare myself to sit the C1 proficiency test. I have neglected catching up with my English for years due to fearing that I would hate the language due to boring, repetitive and unbearable tedious lessons, but with her the lessons are the complete opposite. All conversation comes up very natural and fun, by the time the lesson is over you already are fully loaded with tons of new useful vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and more confidence to speak the language than I’ve ever experienced before in over 10 years learning English in Academies.

So much so, that just with two lessons I can guarantee I start thinking in English again. I never thought hour and a half of a lesson could go so fast and feel so short

Thank you very much wonderful teacher”.

Un comentario sobre “It Works!

  1. Ya lo creo que funciona!!! 😀
    Antes de nada muchas gracias por todos los consejos que das en esta página. Como bien dices, el primer y principal paso es quererse a uno mismo y sentirse completo sin necesidad de nadie más. Cuando eres consciente de que esta es la base para alcanzar cualquier meta que te propongas y por tanto algún grado de felicidad, el resto viene sólo.
    Sabes distinguir qué necesitas de verdad sin guiarte por miedos o inseguridades y desarrollas un poder para distinguir a la gente que te merece la pena y la que no. Poder muy necesario porque te conviertes en alguien interesante del que todos quieren saber más y más 😀
    Además, tus recomendaciones me han funcionado y todo para conseguir múltiples citas con una mujer salvaje que consideraba imposible de conquistar, porque entre sus metas estaba la de no dejarse atrapar bajo ningún concepto y no tener una relación con nadie o, en cualquier caso, no muy prolongada en el tiempo…toda una hazaña! 😉 De nuevo muchas gracias 🙂
    Y por último decir que debería ser obligatorio para todo el mundo hacerse una sesión de fotos con alguien que sea capaz en ese momento de sacar todo tu potencial, algo que tú haces tan naturalmente.
    Es otra experiencia que te cambia la perspectiva y te da una fortaleza especial y te hace creer en ti mismo de una forma distinta, poderosa.
    Y si eso lo acompañas antes con unas horas de compras con una asesora de imagen con la que te lo pasas genial y te ries sin parar, no ves el momento de poder estrenar toda esa ropa que te ha encantado, para la sesión fotográfica o para que todo el mundo te vea con ella puesta.
    Aún me quedan cosillas por estrenar y ahora estoy en el momento de buscar una situación especial para algunas de esas prendas, aunque, bien pensado, cualquier momento puede ser especial cuando uno así lo desea 🙂
    Ah y he de reconocer que mi chica no para de tocarme cuando llevo la ropa que me recomendaste 🙂 Es alucinante! 😀 Me encanta el estilo de la ropa que elegiste para mí y supongo que esa confianza y ese gustarte a ti mismo, se debe transmitir hacia fuera.
    Así que, sin lugar a dudas, animo a todos tus lectores a que se pongan en tus manos, no se arrepentirán 🙂
    Muchísimas gracias por tu sabiduría, buen gusto, simpatía y profesionalidad 🙂

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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