Find Your Wild Side


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Hello everyone!!


So… let’s get your power back.

But first things first…. 

Who am I to say this?

A wild woman.

But it wasn’t always this way and it took me quite some time to figure it all out. It wasn’t precisely an overnight process. There was no internet back then as we know it today. It took me a fair good amount of books, plenty of observation, joined with tons of trial and error plus the will to survive when I was constantly bombarded by people who I apparently must have made feel insecure and weak with my natural with my natural-born killer glow.


However…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… and like coal particles under an unberable amount of pressure (and thanks to all of you who contributed with your insults, your put-downs, your hurtful dishonest criticism, etc ) I went through the process to actually discover what they were seeing that I was blind to see for myself and like that became aware of my shine. And that, well, that makes people become diamond hard


Why am I actually doing this?

Above all, because it works! and I like to help people get what they want out of life!

As your future photographer I’m also interested in you looking your best. So I decided to share my secret for becoming photogenic myself. 

I discovered I was actually very photogenic later on in life, starting at age 21 but nailing it from age 26 onwards with proper cameras. But up till that age of 21 I had hated my non-photogenic face with a passion and always wanted to change this or that.

And becareful of what you wish because you might just get it!!

So I wanted to help more people dare to conquer what they feel it’s in the way between what they want and what they currently have. And if being photogenic it’s one of those things that could add to their enjoyment of life, then I can definitely help them shine from within so they see results on the outside.

Why should you do it?

Digging, finding and exploring your wild side does way more than make you look good on photos.

  • Makes you brave/courageous
  • Makes you fearless
  • Makes you take the reigns of your own life
  • Makes you get what you want out of life.

So yes… later on in life, analyzing the often praise and compliments I was getting from friends and strangers alike, some due to my self-portraits, others due to what they perceived as “courageous” actions/decisions”… they confessed they didn’t think they were capable themselves of doing what I did here or there at whatever point in life.

It took me a little time to remember and analyze those decisions that made me… be the way I am. But finally did come up the basic life changing tiny decisions that changed my life for the better… and made me get whatever I want out of life these days.

So each week you will find what you’ve got to do and plenty of resources along with it to give you that push you need to feel motivated enough to dare to challenge your self and your limiting beliefs.

Most of those steps only take 20 seconds of courage to overcome… and once you do such, the rest is more like a fun rollercoaster of emotions you treat yourself to, there is nothing more beautiful and fun than exploring what you’re capable of doing.

You soon remember all the joys of being alive. And the more you challenge yourself the more alive you will feel, and the more you do the more beautiful you look to others, it’s like you shine from within, and that has little to do with face features, but how your eyes tell a story and how your smile backs it up can definitely have an irresistible charm for sure regardless of body type, skin type, etc.

In fact, the chubbier I am the more success I have. I have gone skinny too. As in some of the photos below. But I’ve broken more hearts with my curves than ever did with my slender shape. And still with them on at the moment… I continue to reap success after success with the opposite sex as much as I want to. And my face… as you can see on the photos below seems to change depending on the angle… some more flattering, some not so much, but what the heck, my face, after all and if someone doesn’t like… let’s face it… not everyone has good taste. 

So.. how does it work?

You get seven actions to follow, one each Friday during seven weeks.

You get it straight into your e-mail box provided on the paypal payment address.

If I’m not on holidays it will be starting following Friday once payment has been confirmed. Each week you’ll get an e-mail with a link to read the process of the day. 

You will also get the reasoning behind each basic change, why does it work, links that support such reasoning beyond my personal theories, quotes, personal stories and, the most important thing of it all, songs to help you gain those 20 seconds of courage these actions require of you to go on about them, from which you’ll get results that you will thank me afterwards.

In this program (which you get included on the price of a Find Your Wild Session or with a Before and After session) we will be having fun activities that will get you feeling empowered and looking your best and oozing confidence on your photoshoot with a new self-esteem boost that will last for as long as you keep doing those steps or listening your new playlists!;D

And if you live away and can’t have a photoshoot with me… or found your wild self already and just want music to keep rocking it….then just follow the link to keep you that way.


At the end of this program, you guys will be creators of your life, leaders of your own reality. Instead of being victim of what someone else wants them to be in their own mental movies.

Someone who will recognize any form or shape of mild abuse and recognize it for what it is and stop it. Someone who will not have the need to put up with it. Someone strong and fearless. If you talk with them and they do not agree to find a solution or won’t admit they’re trying to demean you, disrespect you, make you second guess yourself or gaslight you (the denial of all those is gaslighting in itself) then you will have the power and courage to walk away from such situations.


IMG_4257 4S with signature-6

You’ll become your own hero/heroine. Because, nobody is going to save you unless you do so yourself. And when you don’t like where things seem to lead to you are always in control and have the power to lead yourself to better ventures.

I don’t want to convince anyone who is not ready, just come if you’re ready to take your life to a fucking new level of awesomeness.