Wild Queens and their Wild Kings

And wild queens attract wild kings.
Well, actually, wild queens attract all sorts of men to be honest. 
The majority of men can recognize them and feel instantly intimidated by them and won’t even dare talk to them because they instantly feel like out of their league.
Kings and unfortunately also some wanna-be-kings are the few brave ones who have the guts to go and dare talk to them though.
How to differenciate a real king from a “wanna be King” or “fake king”?
A king will be giving his best shot right from the start just to get to know her. So there will be no excuses, no impediments whatsoever for that to happen. Even if he has to drive two hours and stay in a hotel just to get to know her if she opens a slight opportunity for that to happen that same day.
So if right from the start the guy can’t make it because of this or that, he’s not the wild king she wants and needs. And if he suggest meeting half way or you going to meet him… he is not the man either.
Kings don’t play games. If they really really like her, they will insist and insist and insist and insist to get a date or get her phone number. They will do necessary research if necessary to find out her number and figure out a way to make it into her busy busy schedule, because queens rule their own place as well as their family and business.
Kings want to add value to your life, make it worthwhile, give you experiences, make you glow with happiness.  Right from the start they will even open up on how they feel for you. If he doesn’t, you may guess he likes you, but with a real king you will have no doubt you seem to be all he ever wanted to know and much more than that.
And she will know it’s actually genuine by how many times she will reject them and they will insist on being that guy who gets a chance to share her company, her bright humour, her sarcastic tones, her bed, her secrets, her queendom.
“Were you another regular girl I would have been gone by now, but I know you are “it”, the kind of woman I’ve been looking for and dreaming about for the last 15 years, so now that I’ve finally found you, don’t you think you’re gonna get away from me all that easy” some have even said.
And if you, as a queen, put barriers because you have other priorities than to mate and date with potential kings, those guys will find a way to you. No matter what, they will find ways to climb your new super high electrified walls and build windows and doors to it just to see a smile on that queen’s face light his entire life.
A wanna be king or player .. well, those don’t talk about feelings, perhaps they don’t have them. Players most likely have girlfriends and are only after low effort or low investment women who are happy just with the little attention they give them, hardly any attention at all, but just about enough to keep them as a side chic and they easily back off when they notice this woman has high standards they can’t be bothered to meet in a long term or consistent basis.
Kings make the most of each opportunity. They like to enjoy and live for the day They want their queens to do the same, and if they can’t because they’re busy, they keep proposing better and better plans their queens find impossible to refuse.
Because at the end of the day we all want some connection and affection, but queens have their goals clear and they won’t put those in the backburner for just about any man. Only for those who have thoughtfully planned and are willing to take care of any stress out of her life.
And you may think… what do these women have that make men work so hard to just be with them… like… jeez, there are certainly ton of women out and about.
Well, that’s what I can show you. It’s no secret that obviously most queens are wild women.
But there are a lot of things that go into being such a woman, that I even forget or take for granted myself. But whatever you want to know, feel free to get one to one coaching to find out what is it that you’re missing that guys are not working their ass off to impress you at all.
Wild queens will upgrade you… as Beyonce says “Come harder, this won’t be easy, don’t doubt yourself, you know that you need me”.


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