Her love is a Criminal


Perhaps guys take being with one of our kind as a tear of their soul, but in reality, I think what he really should say is women like these represent a tear in their male egos.

And yes, be warned, she has something you haven’t seen much of around (and she knows!) so she won’t settle for ordinary or average love and companionship.

So yes, her love is a criminal because it stops the moment you try to bring her down, take her for granted or show her you’re not worth her time, effort, attention and appreciation. She wants it all or nothing at all. Half assed efforts don’t fare well with this kind of woman.  She loves hard but her love is conditional to your efforts to keep the spark alive and the respect and appreciation going strong.

Basically, it takes what once conquered her to keep her. And sometimes a little more. Why? because this woman keeps growing at all levels and she will want her reality to match her ambition. If she has a partner that starts slacking or is not as ambitious as her in making their relationship their most amazing relationship they both ever had then she’d much rather be on her own.

Yet when given the right attention, effort and appreciation her love is so rare and pure that it will make men want more and more of that feeling that makes them do the things they had never done before for anybody else until they had met a woman of this kind. 

Some men can’t deal with the power and confidence these women embody. In attempts to control them they try to hurt her confidence and damage her sense of self worth, but these women instead of allowing that to go to her brain they allow that stab to go straight to their love for you, so each time you try to hurt a woman like this she will stab her love for you instead whilst keeping her power intact.

Because beauty is dangerous, but intelligence is lethal. And if she happens to be a good mixture of both, then you’re over and done if you try to hurt any of these women in any way.




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