Crazy LAW-ra


Well… as I’ve said on last week’s blog entry… I’m planning to have my business, time management and belongings 100% under control this year.

So for me that means… no relationships. This approach to relationships may seem harsh and dramatic to some people but relationships and social media takes a lot of my time because when I’m into something I want to be giving my 100% and if for whatever reason that is not possible… then I’m out.

After all, with a business to run and two children to feed and not forgetting a flat to keep clean … I can rarely find the time to actually have a proper relationship.

I know… I’m all black and white thinking I’m afraid. Most feel like they really need a relationship to be themselves. In my case I guess it’s a crazy law-ra thing to do. But I am more willing to succeed when I’m on my own.

I guess back in the day I confused my gut instinct telling me no to having a relationship with that of actual «fear of committment». And me, already being the fearLESS person I was… I decided to conquer that which seemed like fear to love soemone or have a long committed relationship. I guess I should have listened to my gut instinct a lot better and I didn’t. But this time I’m definitely doing so.

Anyway, it seems these days most men are perfectly capable to handle themselves but as soon as they get in a committed relationship they confuse their girlfriends/partners with their mothers. And that of mothering a man that isn’t actually mine to raise.


And I don’t want to be successful  in a relationship.

And of course no dating apps no chatting with strangers on facebook at all.

NO??. Why not?

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. And most guys seem to be just time wasters or they simply suck at flirting/dating. And I know there are some super loving and worth dating guys out there who deserve all my attention based on their massive efforts just to be with me or share my little spare time. So if I had any spare time to kill at all I would choose among those. And even those have very limited access to me. OH NO!!

Adapting the letters of Marina to my specific situation I guess I would say «cause I was made to feel the worse so I will show them I’m the best».  ;P



Besides, my dating or relationship standards have always been slightly higher than average but these days they’re even higher than they’ve ever been before.

So yes… unreacheable and impossible is where is at right now to get to know me.

Not because I’m being conceited in any way… no. Just because I have decided just to prioritize myself and my goals. Having a relationship is not one of them. Once I get where or who I want to be I may soften my grip a bit on this sense. But I seriously doubt it. I love being single a little bit too much to lower my standards in the future.

So… excuse me if I completely ignore your «hi»s on facebook that don’t impress me much at all. There are some guys who treat me like an absolute queen and then those are very tempting and ever so hard to resist… and I’m still able to resist them, but if I were to spend some little spare time those men would be the only ones I would entertain.

There are only two men who may get to date me because they belong to my fearLESS goals and funnily and luckily enough they’re either not interested at all, intimidated and not knowing what they can offer me (and intuitively they would be right) or in a relationship (and those I wouldn’t date) so I think they will pose no threat to my goals at all and for them to do so they would have to put a lot of work for me to even date them.



So it’s better just to keep the impossible standard I’ve set it up to make sure I accomplish my other goals. And yes… I don’t put up with less than I feel I deserve and yes I tend to get what I want, relationships included.





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