Hi back!!

Hi dear stranger:


Hi back at you!!! 

If you only just wanted to say “hi” or wave to me as a polite or thankful acknowledgement for adding you there, please let this be this your “Hi, thank you for resquesting friendship”.


… you got landed here without having even been added or I sent you this link because you have tried several times to reach out to me with waves or “hi”s in a very short period of time.


Yes, I am a very nice person and it’s not good manners to ignore your attempt to get to know me (or let’s be honest, your attempt to get me to give you an ego-boost) but there are some things you ought to know in the future….

  • First: Facebook is not a dating app and if I add you on there doesn’t instantly make us “a match”.

  •  Second; my time it’s limited and very valuable to me.


Yes!! I know, I know, most of you even have girlfriends, wives, or multiple women engaged at once and are so selfish and empty of meaningful experiences that you just wanted yet another extra source of male ego-boost to get you going and you thought I was going to be it. Great!!

That makes you a player. Welcome to the team! I’m the coach 😉

And trust me. If you got yourself landed here that means you are most definitely in need of a whole new strategy to get a woman’s attention.

And unless that pays my bills I’m not spending any of my time entertaining you.

Because I’m kind of dope and unpredictable and at a price of 60€ per 30mins video conference to get my full attention I’m not sure if it’s an addiction you can even entertain or afford. But I leave that up to you to decide if it’s sane. Lately I’m only into crazy men who can and do, and will do. 

I sometimes I pretend to take the bait as any “pick me” would do to see if I’m missing out on much or my theories about you are by any chance wrong. And yeps…. they are a 100% accurate. Most of you are either time suckers or bad game players. And gosh… you could do so much better if you only knew what makes women my kind take the bait.

Now you can…. 

Join the club of the SUCKERS, because, let’s be honest, it’s always easier to offend someone and call them names than to even attempt to recognize we as people are doing something “wrong”. Especially you insecure guys who try to pretend are confident.

                                                                                                                            … or you can 

Learn how to be successful and earn the respect and appreciation of all sort of good women, you know, the game changers, the wild women, the queens, the lady bosses and the goddesses and beyond goddesses they all have something in common… and they all could potentially fall for the same type of thing. And I tell you this: “no. It’s not money”. From our half an hour video chat you will get;

  • Feedback on your performance – why I spotted you so easily as average guy.
  • Tips on how to engage high quality women in conversation
  • Predictable red flags that high quality women notice and therefore avoid.
  • How to recognize the type of woman she is before failing at hitting at her.

Are you ready to win the game? Let me know on the payment writing box when it best suits you to have a video chat and I will contact you back with a fixed time for it. Ohh how do I know what these women want? I spent the last 18 years among those categories, so I have the feeling I have quite of a notion of what these type of ladies fall for, if anything!!! but certainly I know what they’re more likely to entertain. And losers and suckers are not among her list of men to consider entertaining at all. Let me coach you to win the match of your life.And if you treat them like easy game, well, they will show you how the game is played. So if I were you I wouldn’t even dare, one never knows what these women are capable of with all that power.



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