Get in the Mood Tunes

Ok…. so here is the plan…

  • Listen to the songs
  • Add the ones you like to a playlist you can create of your own on youtube for such a purpose. ;D
  • Play such playlist before getting in the shower or whilst you get ready for your date to pick you up/to get home.


  • Listen to these tunes as much as possible if you want to soak in and radiate sensual vibes on a daily basis. ;D

Additional tips for a perfect night:

  • Get in the shower with the playlist of your choice of this sensual nature as your original soundrack music for the night.
  • Moisturize your body all over, it’s worth it, and they do notice it.
  • Choose your lingerie carefully to match your body type and highlight your shape and skin colour the best.
  • Do take your time to do your nails, hairstyle, make-up… all whilst listening to these tunes.
  • Put a nice sultry perfume on, but don’t over do it.
  • Choose some accessories that will make yourself stand out in one way or another, either they are a fashion statement or a style statement.
  • Wear a flattering shape hugging bodycon, or something playful on… just choose one part of the body to display according to your favourite assets of your body, either a long skirt with a slit on the side, or a cheeky cleaveage… but not overtly obvious, choose anything with lace on, choose anthing seethrough, choose anything black or red or anything silky. Or choose something very daring like going in shirt and tie on. Something to start or spark the conversation. ;D
  • Red or hot pink are usually a must, but since you may end up kissing I would recommend heavy dramatic eye-make up and just an easy going lipstick that will not spread all over your face like a clown after kissing. Especially if you’re having dinner out first.


Important: Let me know in the comments which ones you already knew, if you knew any, if you liked any, or if any of them worked on you for such date.


Let’s start with some commercial tunes…




For those who have hubby/boo at home… techniques to have him at your beck and call in the lyrics. I’m not gonna lie though, one has to be a bit like the boss if they start firing things up even before he arrives. ;D


If relationship is a bit on the rocks and to see if it can reignite, one could try with these demands in a sexy way. ;D


Hopefully guys your age…. will know how to touch you….

Going out with the girlfriends…. these are the best!! ;D

Going out on your own?

Are you going somewhere where the ex may show up… oh you better regret the guy not putting the work from home…. or loved you harder. Although lady bosses are way too passionate about everything they do to let a relationship slip to that point in which she is left by her man. But still one can still make him regret he didn’t put the effort/love.


Feeling like teasing anyone at home or at the disco?

And for a scandalous this one….

Receiving a new date/lover at home?

And below is how classic r’n’b would do it back in the 90’s for all of you who missed it in the day. She definitely makes your temperature rise with her confidence nailing it on this video. Must have fallen in love with the look in her eyes.

Another cool classic….

Tip to cast a spell: If you happen to be out and about clubbing in town and you spot an attractive guy of your fancy.., practice her gaze in this video, when done right success is guaranteed.

And here below another cool classic

Knowing there are some guys out there who could be like the guy describes himself in the song below can also get my mood going…


The video below is more of a visual guide on how to rock the sensual look and style…if you want to look and feel more sensual but haven’t figured out yet how to dres to become irresistible… then just look at Shakira and Rihanna in this video and ignore the lyrics… because if there is something most guys find unattractive is a woman who chases guys. But I bet this video has been created to display these two as seductive as they can be… in choice of outfits and colours.


Now for lovers of darker and more alternative sexy beats…. I guess it’s not an accident this was the song to one of my favourite perfumes. ;D

These ukranian women are amazing to get my wildest out… ideal whilst getting dressed and doing the make up, hair and getting ready to leave the house.

And clothing wise by now you must have noticed that black and red are the colours to go for, high heels your best friends and tights and lacey stuff very welcomed too. ;D

Now let’s move with one of my favourite artists to create a great sensual vibe, the dark touch of the synths, the slow beat, his sensual voice and the lyrics are spot on to make a move on someone, as the letters claim “you work all week to make ends meet … forget abut life and let’s live for tonigh”. Carpe diem my friends. And if they don’t get it… or don’t feel like it or leave it for “later”… move on onto someone else who is ready and willing to make the most out of your body whilst you are still fit and alive. ;D

And oh man this one…. super sexy and sensual the way it starts and pretty much the whole way through…. I never get bored of it. ;D

And for black queens like me (whose songs like the ones below would remind their guys of you because they know they’re just your style or something you do create on them… ) ….. I have tons more sensual electronic dark tunes like the ones displayed above and below in different music styles and more of the same, so please, if you think any of the linked songs is working for you…. feel free to ask your customized playlist on youtube if this one feels a bit short. Because one customized to your taste of music would guarantee you listen to it on a daily basis. I know… not all songs from all those singers are like that, but I do know a lot of them who have their one or two songs and it woud save you a lot of time if you just say.. more from this artist with this vibe. What we listen to seriously affects and infects our vibe. So make sure you choose wisely and choose to stay this wild for longer . 😀


But I also have some more rock and darker stuff…

Some wild relationships get wildy addictive.

And contradictive….

A sensual touch of grunge…. this one it’s amazing.

Needless to say 20 years of classifying music by moods to lift my spirits up for each and every purpose possible has lead me to have them in mind when I feel a certain way. So if you’re feeling down, frustrated, want to make your guy value you more, want to look sexy, feel confident, and so on… I can make a shortlist of my favourites of all types for that purpose and find way mores that will bring you that feeling. This is only a tiny example of variety and I hope it helps you get in the mood whichever your style I hope you found one that gets somewhere near.

And when I mean all styles I mean… all; from the harshest ones…

To the oldest classics


Let’s finish it now with these guys for starting me on my wild journey. I must confess being or looking sexy was something I was seriously missing from my life, well, not missing, it was hidden waiting for it to be safe to come out, sort to speak. Which is your wild side? it might not be this one, I have several.

Being too honest and upfront it’s one of those wild traits in this day and age when barely anyone dares to say what they’re thinking but they’re never too far off from the person bold enough to say it in the first place.

And I believe we all hide it at some point because being too upfront or open about it it’s still a taboo or worse, a double standard: If you don”t have that sensual touch you would be deemed as a frigid or boring, and if you have it, then you’re apparently always flirting, and that’s because usually other women can’t stand you have no problem in being confident, sensual ,open, honest and all that when they know they wish but they just can’t due to whatever hangups that are holding them back. It’s like there is no middle term with this. Yet… we all love a picture of Monica Bellucci who oozes sensuality through all her pores and nobody is wronged by it. So why is that so? what does she have that drives most men crazy and make most women acknowledge her power? it’s not other than staying in touch with her wild side I bet whilst keeping it classy. I would say that’s the ultimate goal ;D

My only concern is that I’m not 100% sure if they’re doing these overtly sexual pop-porn videos directed by men on what to do or just because they’re all that sensual and they really enjoy sex and have no hang ups about it at all and no issues in showing themselves to the world. Perhaps they are already strip dancers, porn actresses or porn magazine stars, either way, those jobs exist mainly for men, get paid mainly for men and in the majority are aimed for men to be enjoyed by men. Don’t want your man to enjoy them? not much you can do about it other than perhaps surpass their level of sexiness at home in your own style. ;D, and perhaps not even so you may get them to avoid getting bored of the same and want some new bodies to look at. The only thing you can do is be so damn sexy it comes second nature to you… 100% guaranteed women who have this side very awaken don’t stay single for too long at all. So good luck and enjoy yourself!


Ohh and “you’re very welcome!”

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    1. Hola Ana!! muchísimas gracias por comentar y añadir alguno más para la lista!! Sí, está muy chula!! la verdad es que creo que me he dejado las mejores en el tintero para una segunda edición…. algunas para sorprender a mis clientas cuando contraten el servicio de Stay wild for longer, aunque si consigo muchas del tirón haré una segunda parte!! ;D

      Me gusta

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