Wild Women Do ….

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Love Having Fun

A wild woman who has been through a lot in life at a young age soon has learnt to embrace, value and cherish a good time when it comes, she likes having her fun at whatever age she is. Yeps, just because they love to make the most of life and enjoy it while it lasts.

Who said swings or funfair rides are only for kids? Is there really an age to stop night clubbing? Nope. Not for us. Should she really stop dancing or wearing her favourite leather trousers or ripped jeans just because she reached aged 30? No.

Who says just because you reached a certain age you have to limit enjoying or being yourself? Most wild women have rediscovered the person they were supposed to be before society demanded them to stop being themselves in order to fit in, and now her old self is claiming to have all the fun she missed while trying unsuccessfully to fit in for years.

Stand Out

Most of them are unaware of this ability at first. In fact, most of them get bullied because of that same reason. If she was all that invisible nobody would have considered her a threat enough as for these women to become target of jealousy and fear. So they tried to dim her light, and they succeeded for a while. Most of these wild women were totally unaware of how to fit the mold because they were too busy daydreaming in their own creative minds of their own. They didn’t take clues from Tv or magazines on how to act cool or how to look their best, they couldn’t be bothered and it’s perhaps because they had a mind of their own more focused on other existential questions. And all that inner world they had that they did not share apparently bothered their peers wherever these girls were, or perhaps these girls grew up surrounded by a bunch of incredible a**holes who didn’t value individuality and self-expression and they took it on these women for being the “different” or “weird” ones.  These women had to find out the hard way that apparently being themselves wasn’t a problem at all, in fact being their unapologetic selves was their biggest asset, but they were definitely on the right track, although they didn’t had Lady Gaga to reinforce their theory back in the day, nor did they think it has anything to do with God.

No, these wild women often had to figure it out the hard way. Wild women are often all those good girls that got discarded and buried deep in the dirt hoping they died there because apparently they weren’t good enough to fit in. Those bullies didn’t think darkness and negative comments who were aimed to hurt and kill their confidence only became food to an ever blossoming wild creature with such an evil strike you would not want to provoke, an evil strike which even their current men find quite attractive.

Demand Respect

A wild woman has had her fair deal of ordeal in her past and she has successfully dealt with in the past with little to not support at all.  Basically, she’s been already to hell and back a couple of times, and now she will not entertain their opinions of her or will lend herself to be messed around ever again. Either they treat her right or expect to get the middle finger in response to belittling judgments, demeaning comments or unsolicited criticism aimed to bring her down. And even if that it’s not your intention, she will just focus on the facts, intentions are all too well but she wants to see and experience the real deal, not intentions never brought to fruition.

They won’t put with any of their bullshit lightly, please understand these women will attack back and eventually realize you’re an incredible waste of their time and energy and she will ditch you and move the hell on quite easily. These women waste no time on hating either, they are confident these people will fuck themselves on their own. Once people let them down more than twice…. that’s it… bye-bye. Wanted her badly? you should have paid attention to how your actions or decisions could make them feel. These women have very high standards and won’t waste time with people who don’t meet them.

Most feel entitled to call them or compare them to whores because they can’t stand the fact they will never have them. And those who had them can’t stand the fact they have lost them forever due to their own negligence and that must hurt like hell, ouch I would not like losing a woman like this. It’s not that easy to move from a woman who had it all going on for herself yet some feel the need to make them feel faulty in hopes she will lower her standards but these women won’t tolerate that. NOPES. Queen of the middle finger they would rather be than take anything else than the absolute best they deserve.

And well, when it comes to women we all know it’s all down to such emotion called “envy” what causes the need to call them such or spread rumours about them because they can’t be like them. So weak insecure women need to draw attention to themselves somehow and for some reason they think throwing shade on such wild women it’s better than raising their game and their standards to get the good attention.

Have a Fearless Attitude

She has no fear to do whatever she has to do to protect herself and those she cares about from possible damage.  And above all she has no fear to lose people who no longer add a positive value to her life.

Their fearless attitude gets all the wise wild boys and gentlemen absolute crazy for them. And if there are any attention seekers or emotional vampires she’ll show them how the game is played. Rest assured this woman is way smarter than she lets you know to be.

And they’ll be so good and convinced at moving on with their lives that these toxic people will even start to question their own existence.  No, these wild women can’t promise the “forever” and the “unconditional” love because it’s simply not true and as we will see below they are honest as fuck. As you’ve guessed they fear not your opinion about them. They are like mirrors… treat her like a queen and she’ll most definitely cherish you. Treat her like a back up option or take her for granted and she will not entertain your company for long.

Remember? they love a challenge and they do not attach themselves to a person, they are only interested in making the most of each day and keep the good times rolling as long as possible. Try to make that difficult for them, try to make them feel small “tell them that they would have nothing if it weren’t for you”… and you’ll see how quickly they’ll turn the tables around and prove you totally wrong and make you regret every single word of that sentence for years to come.

Mind Their Own Business

Most wild women would just mind their own business (be that her family or her real business, as most have the courage to become entrepreneurs) and pay no attention to what other people are doing with their lives. They have no time to envy or hate on other people because they know they are masters and creators of their own life experience and whatever they desire in their lives they can get if their set their minds to focus on it hard enough. And they will get it custom made. So they won’t feel the need to steal 

In other words, they are living passionate lives concentrated on achieving their own personal goals and personal growth plans.

If in a relationship they remain loyal and in love, and if that is no longer possible they soon dismiss the guy, the see no purpose in entertaining loveless or pointless relationships longer than necessary. Especially if they have children of their own and they want them to learn about self-respect, love, appreciation and attention. No dramas allowed.

If in a friendship they really enjoy their company and try to always stay in touch, regardless of whether they are single or in long term relationships, because they don’t stop being themselves to be the society married version of themselves. They embrace people being themselves and wearing whatever the heck makes them happy and do so themselves.

They rarely sit on the pity potty or blame others for their misfortunes, they rarely have any but if they do happen to have any… they will take responsibility and they do whatever it takes to change their situation to a more positive outcome the sooner the better. They understand it’s their life and it’s their responsibility to make it enjoyable for themselves and therefore they take steps to change their experience of reality.

Surround Themselves by Other Wild Women

Wild Women have an uncanning ability to recognize each other wherever they spot one. Oh yes, that other woman who looks gorgeous and amazing and doesn’t emanate any bad vibes or aims any envious gaze? Yeps, those become their besties straight away.

They will spot each other at the gym or at work. They will help or collaborate with each other because for her other women like her are soon become like their own sisters… they know they don’t need to cast a shadow on someone else to have their own spotlight. They don’t do envy. It’s like they’re born without it. They know they shine… they know they have a lot going for themselves and they know the more other women embrace this love for other sisters doing their best the quicker the world will stop being such a mess. And of course it will take a strong Wild Woman to raise another Wild Woman. It’s from them after all where they learnt to lack the ability to gossip or mingle with small minded people. 

Have Creative Minds

From creating their own ideal lives to crafting their own escape to undesirable situations in painless ways. From cooking amazing meals from whatever is left in a near empty fridge to find new purpose to old household item. From running their own business following their own individual artistic view to create awesome Halloween outfits on the spot. Whatever they have to do… they will always find a creative new way to save the day or surprise their more than lucky partners and working colleagues with their ideas. When they think they’ve seen it all from this woman she will create a new style, a new outfit, will be in a new personal challenge, and so on.


Due to this women being fearless of commiting social suicide (they already died from it)…. You can always count on these women to speak their minds about anything, also they’re a great asset to go shopping with, so much so that some already offer their services as shopping assistants or tell you the truth like it is. 

No. They will not sugarcoat anything, you can come and ask them for advice and you know even though it may seem crazy and harsh or counterintuitive you know it definitely works because you’ve seen how she’s done that same very thing and it worked for them. They see no need to lie nor are they people pleasers. They will try to be tactful…or as tactful as they can possibly be, not always guaranteed they will suceed at it. And in most cases they will avoid telling you the truth unless you ask them directly or paid them to do so. And if you are brave enough to ask them they will tell you like it is or certainly like they see it.  And unfortunately for you these women just don’t run their mouths….if they ever feel the need to warn you against something or someone please know they have facts to back that shit up just in case people ask them proof of it.

Wild Stuff

Above all these women are just wild and free creatures who love to have fun, a life full of entertainment, new experiences, enjoyment, challenges, passion, self-growth and self-fulfillment. Having no comfort zone has become their comfort zone. They do love a challenge. They do inspire other people, they do set hearts racing with their femenine powers, they cast spells with a smile or they do conquer hearts with a killer glance, and wild women do all those things most men dream about.…oh yes.

Unfortunately in this world full of insecure, weak and not so very bright people, having all so many interesting and intriguing qualities make most people green-eyed and need to label these women as “bitches” or “whores“; those two songs already explore the reason why some men and women alike feel like starting rumours or disrespect these women, usually it’s because men can’t control/manipulate them and women can’t compare to them.

Too sexy? “whore for sure”. Too covered up? “dude, she’s a boring prude”.

What a strange contradiction. Wild women understand it’s men who made us these bloody cheeky, enticing, tempting sexy creatures in their mind first. They like women being like that, why else porn and erotic magazines could be so popular among guys?. Due to either women being rejected by men for not being sexy enough (according to all that porn) or by being abused by men for being naturally perceived as sexy these women end up becoming the same thing people love and hate at the same time.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So… wild women say “fuck it! there is no way to win at this, so we might as well do as we please“;D.

Whichever way… wild women embrace their sexuality either way as a consequence of the above or perhaps because they are born super hot and enticing and once mastered their femenine power they are not afraid to flaunt it whenever they feel in the mood to do so. They do also have dress down days. They allow themselves to be themselves at all times. Those who have been already to hell and back for any or all the reasons above… come back way too damn powerful… and become a hell of an interesting ride for most men and women alike.  Most men want them and most women wish to be them, have their power, strength, beauty or brains. That one which turns heads on with all the clothes on. Imagine… yes, with all clothes on. They need not to show flesh to draw attention to themselves but they’re not afraid to do so either. They just prefer keeping things classy.

Magic and Cast Spells

They rule their own lives and are perfectly happy because they are living a life they feel no need to escape from.

These women are wild and free. They set their mind to get or achieve something and they get it and you may even get lucky enough to see them doing it right in front of your own own eyes.

They are not one in a million kind of woman, they are once in a lifetime kind of woman. Hence when an intelligent person spots such a creature they can’t help either to run to the hills (because they know they can’t afford themselves falling in love for someone they think they can’t have) or fall head-over-heels in love with them (because they find it impossible not to). And I guess that’s why most were labelled as “witches” and burnt alive, because these powerful women scare the hell out of people with their own personal set of believes and inner powers when finally learned to use them in her advantage.

High Maintenance

These women are rare to find and extremely and even harder to impress and keep. So only people with loads of courage will step up and manage to keep such a woman by their side. And as long they keep putting the same level of effort and energy every time they meet such a woman their next date with her it’s granted. But give such a woman an average experience with you more than once running and she will dismiss you sooner than later, and if you give her a below average experience it might just be the last time you’ll see her.

Remember that these women are independent or working to become so, they are queens of their own kingdoms, they do not need your love or a king to save them, they have their own power, they don’t want or need your money, they want to earn their own, they may want your company, attention or appreciation if it’s of a certain level of quality and if you respect them and value their time enough they may entertain it and cherish it.

They won’t beg for your love or your attention, if not given consistently and devotedly they don’t and won’t want it. So yes… the weak lazy and insecure men will call them “high-maintenance” in an attempt to make them lower their standards… but these wild women will go and raise the bar instead. Because we know any person who tries to convince us that we expect too much (when deep down we know is not all that much) is just trying to get us to settle for less than we deserve, and wild women don’t settle for less than what they deserve.

Scare Cowards and Attract the Real Deal

Yes… they are very choosy with how and who they spend their spare time with.  They know their worth and their value. They have integrity and they know they have a lot going on for themselves and they’re not scared of being alone so they will scare most people away who can’t give them loyalty, truth, honesty and effort. And that’s great because they are only interested in the courageous ones who will know how to handle such a brave woman by their side. And these men which actually do exist will go above and beyond of what is expected of them to surprise these women with experiences and treats and then go and make it ever so effortless because they really like and appreciate these genuine wild women and want to see a smile on their faces. They know they can get whatever for themselves except lovely gifts and genuine appreciations of love or appreciation. Any man pretending to be such a man but not being it or not being yet that kind of man will fail at trying to make her demand and settle for anything less and will be eventually be discarded.

This is not because these women have any lofty ideas, this is mainly because they genuinely enjoy their time alone and peace so much they’re not willing to sacrifice it for breadcrumbs just to fit a man in their lives. They are their own anchor in life. If approached by a rare brave gentle yet wild soul worth keeping they will treasure the company of that person.  Men just can’t help but finding these rare women highly appealing. She doesn’t need him, she wants him occassionally, and if he’s not giving their best she won’t even want him and that would be all. No neediness, no clinginess. Just great time spent together when they both make room in their agendas for some great quality time together.

Become Superheroines

These Wild Women turn their pain into power and glue themselves back together just like carbon particles make solid diamonds under unbearable heat and pressure. 

Their aim is to do good and empower other people to do the same and free themselves from that heavy weight of living a life they’re not happy with or faking being something they’re not in order to please other people. Sometimes they do it for free, and others do it for a living by helping with their photographic before and after sessions or their online programs.  

If she finds herself in the wrong relationship, that means one in which her partner doesn’t respect her enough to respect her decision to end the relationship because she is not happy in it anymore, she will have to put her bullet proof vest costume like in the photo above while calling their partner out on all their partners are doing to avoid fixing the problems.  

They recognize bullshit and stop abuse on its tracks because she defends their boundaries daily and stand their ground like the fierce warriors they are. 

But don’t get it twisted; just because she can take it without hurting her doesn’t mean he’s not abusing her or wasting her time trying and wearing her patience thin over the years and repeated mistakes that he knows push all her buttons at once.

All she wants is a man who can love and respect her for what she is.  And no love ever implied keeeping someone in a relationship their partner no longer wants to be in. They can have whatever good and noble intentions, but intentions without actions are just empty words. And this woman takes her life and time seriously as to waste it on empty promises and unhappy situations. Telling someone they love them and not doing the very one thing they asked you to do and find pathetic excuses not to it’s call crazymaking. Want to see her crazy?….. she will show you crazy and eventually realize he’s winning at a game she didn’t know she was playing. No he didn’t bring her down of her pedestal, but he made her react emotionally to his provocation.

Any wise person knows if you really love someone you have to set them free.

And yes, after saving herself of situations and reactions she no longer feels like h aving she wants to be single and remain single. It wasn’t all bad until she realized she wasn’t as free as she thought she was. But now… nobody will ever own her again and she wants it that way. She’s going to be oh so wild and free from now onwards.


And these men know… they know her love is likely to disappear any given time when they start slacking and they like the fact that they don’t know exactly when after they start slacking, so it seems the not so clever ones like to play with fire until they get burnt. They think they will get eternal chances with a woman like this. They think their pleading for forgiveness or real or fake tears will make these women take this lame losers back.

But guess what? She doesn’t need a super man because she wants to be free and enjoy her freedom, remember? she is her own saviour, however for some reason those men appear when she doesn’t want them at all. ;D

These women are of course far from perfect. They do mistakes like everyone else because they still consider themselves a work in progess, constantly and incessantly learning and gaining wisdom from exposing themselves to real or imagined fears, and that is what makes these women beautiful, regardless of their faces or bodies. Real great men feel how these women value themselves and don’t want to fuck up that fire that burns within them, some want to steal it and those definitely get burnt. These women like their relationship sizzling and hot at all times or they just won’t entertain it.

And when you least expect it these women may get new admirers, new sexy outfits, new goals. But if you behave good they’ll be extremely loyal because they are honest to themselves and their feelings . It must suck to lose one of these women.

And if you think you have her, think again. They have quite a long list of admirers they can choose from, but they may just prefer and enjoy their solitude even better. And funnily enough that’s the reason why these women are rarely left alone, the more adamant she is she doesn’t want to share herself with anyone the more men try to prove her wrong about her choice showering her with attention, admiration and love. 

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