Wild Side Sessions

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Wild Sessions

These sessions are made for those who want high quality photos, full of sensuality, taste, individuality and style. If that rings like something you’re looking for then I’m the right photographer for such a particular lovely job.

Besides from going home with a bunch of awesomely fun and daring high quality pictures of you ….

A wild session with Laurais is way more than just that, there is an entire philosophy and mission behind Laurais’ work. Women who look great in the photos above already learnt it before their phothoshoot or had it all figured out by the time we had our photoshoot. Yes, all these women are wild women already.

You can notice how behind their eyes and gazes there is a bright fire burning within each one of them, they look authentic and good because they feel that passion burning deep within.  You can’t draw from where there is nothing to draw from. These women draw from all the courage they had to infuse themselves in the past to overcome the obstacles that came their way from which they have freed themselves.

If you think you’re not to that level of authenthic and genuine yet, do not worry, Laurais will get you there in only 7 weeks by hiring the service below.

Wild Session – 149€ (IVA incluído)

Brief interview

1 hour photo shoot + 3 different looks

Photo selection + courtesy coffee/drink

5 edited photos

If you like more than 5 photos on the selection given, then you can always purchase any additional digital photos at 5€ each , or 10€ for printed ones. Any special edits to add different background effects will be at 32,50€ each. That would be more like fantasy backgrounds or removing someone from the photo, adding a complete different background and so on.

Want photos of you like the ones above?

Find Your Wild Side Sessions

That’s what I aim to with my online course “Find your wild side” Online program which you can get it for free when purchasing this service. I would be helping you achieve your desired look for your photo and with the program we will get you shining from within so the camera captures you at your best.

By hiring this session you hire the whole process of building you up to look amazing on your photo shoot by learning to be your most authentic self. That would mean having a meeting and discuss your ambitions and goals, and find music to fit the mood so we nail it straight away in our allocated photo session.

Find Your Wild Side – 199€ (V.A.T included)

Brief-interview + Courtesy coffee/drink

Online Course: Find Your Wild Side 7 weeks

Online support all the way through until images delivered

1 hour and a half photo shoot + 3 different looks

Photo Selection + Courtesy coffee/drink (could also be online)

5 edited photos

As above, any other photos you like can be added.

Alternatively, you can check up this very similar BEFORE and AFTER session which has a close-up round deal for those who live nearby.

The difference between this session and a before and after session it’s that in this one you have a choice of background or scene, it will be one of your choice or one we think it will fit your lifeestyle. Although more than 20 minutes away drive it will have a mileage cost added to it.

However hit me up before you tell yourself you live too far away, as I may like travelling there driven by my own thirst of adventure and I could meet you wherever you live at no extra mileage cost.

Styling and Clothes

This is the reason why we have a brief interview previous to our photoshoot. In that interview I will be finding out which style you aim for, which props I may need to achieve the look and even nail it, bearing in mind what you tell me about you and what you like and what I think you may like as well. That’s usually my last minute intuition quicking in. Nothing I can guarantee. But I usually get inspired during the creative process.


Just bring yourself clean and with the clothes you would like to display in your photoshoot, if you want to style your hair differently through the session bring whatever products you may need. You could also come with beard and bring your tools to change your look in the middle of the session or as part of the session whilst documenting any style changes you want to display. Remember you have 3 changes of clothes so bring as much as you like if unsure and we will find something cool, the amount of props I have for gents it’s very limited at the moment and only ranging in trousers size 28-30 trousers and a shirt size M and I have no shoes for gents at all, but it may increase depending on the demand of male clients.

If what you want it’s a “Find Your Wild Side Session” we could go shopping prior to the photoshoot or hire this other service that includes it all; the shopping and the photoshoot plus 20 photos of you displaying your new style.


Make-up and hair style;

I am not an expert make-up artist at all, but I can do the basic make-up I do for myself to make you look good for my photosession. We will discuss all about it in our mini interview. Depending on your skin complexion. I could also hire or collaborate with a professional for our photoshoot depending on what you want your photoshoot to be like.

Regarding hairstyle… I can only recommend bring it freshly clean and dry. If you require a special style… to showcase your personality or to find a new style…. I could hire one on demand for your photoshoot as with the make-up artist, hence why I make a mini interview prior to a wild photoshoot.

When it comes to outfits, you can bring your own. But please you are more than welcome to borrow any of the ones you might have seen me displaying on my self portraits as well as some of my models too. What I may not have I might be able to borrow for the photoshoot, but I have quite a variety of clothes and styles available for you from size 6 to size 14 or even 16. From office looks to goth to alternative or simply stunningly classic and elegant. I also have plenty of shoes size 5 and 6 you can wear for our photoshoot.

If what you want it’s a “Find Your Wild Side Session” we could also go shopping prior to the photoshoot or hire this other service that includes it all; the shopping and the photoshoot plus 20 photos of you displaying your new style.


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